Welcome - Clone World Online

What is Clone World Online?

Clone World Online (CloneWO) is an player-driven open-world-RPG sandbox written with its core game-loop inspired from a game called RPG World Online (RPGWO). With touches of inspiration from popular ARPGs and MMOs throughout the years the developers are striving to create a true successor to RPGWO.

Who is behind CloneWO?

The development is happening by a group of three dads calling themselves Rebit Studios. The group consists of long-time members of the RPGWO community, Zodiak, Pepin, and Tommy. All three have been within the RPGWO community for a combined 25+ years. They are currently working on CloneWO as a side project to their day jobs and family-lives.

Is there an ETA!?

The launcher will be available for download on the website on February 10th, 2024. From there we plan to have a stress test on February 17th 10:00AM through February 18th 5:00PM CST
The expectations of this stress test is to make sure our net code for just simple gameplay is going to hold up and not create some sort of bottleneck somewhere within the code. What this means for you is we need you running around... try to do as many things as possible without also annoying or griefing other players... Mine ore. Collect ore. Move items around. Drop items. Leave items on the ground. Try to get as many people in one spot as possible. All sorts of things.

The most up-to-date information and teasers can be found on the official Discord server. You can also find more easily sharable information by visiting out social accounts. Links can be found in their corresponding icon in the top right corner of this page.

So, is Rebit Studios affiliated with RPGWO?

No. The only affiliation Rebit Studios has with RPGWO is through its community. Tommy runs a fansite that he regularly updates with the current community goings for RPGWO. Mickey (Michael Kudlo, creator of RPGWO, holder of it's sourcecode, etc.) is in no way shape or form associated with Rebit Studios.

How do I help?

The most convenient way to assist us is by joining our Discord server and following our social media channels. You can find the links to these platforms in the top right corner of the page. Simply click on the corresponding icons. Once you're connected, please help us spread the word to your friends, family, and anyone who is willing to listen (yes, even that quirky neighbor)!

If you wish to support us financially (although there's absolutely no obligation to do so), you can visit our Ko-fi page. Any contributions received will be utilized to kick-start the project. We aim to accumulate funds for future server testing and the eventual launch phase (which will occur much later).

Thank you for considering these ways of supporting us. Your involvement means a great deal to us as we work towards our goals. The easiest way to help us out is to join our Discord server and follow our socials! You can find links to all of these in the top right corner of the page. Just click the corresponding icons! After that just spread the word to your friends, family and all those that will listen (I'm talking about that weird neighbor too)!